What should you expect from your consultation? How to judge who you should trust?


Do some basic research to book your consultations (book a couple)

See if you can relate - you have been looking in the mirror, unhappy with love handles, cellulite or double chin and now you are looking at what you can do to get rid of that annoying stubborn fat that you may have seen for years and now just fed up. You may already have a good diet and training schedule or could be starting out and looking to improve your body composition and have set goals. Next step is doing your research and booking your consultation (complimentary!). You have spoken with a clinician or couple of them and are excited and a little bit nervous about your appointment.

You have done your research and the amount of treatments available in London, all promising the same results ranging I prices from £400 to £1,000 per treatment. All explain that there are no guarantees in results. We advise to book a few consultations as you should feel comfortable with your clinician, that they understand what they are talking about and care about you, not just looking to make a profit.

What should you expect and what should you look out for?


Complimentary Consultation

This is relevant for both liposuction and non surgical treatments for fat loss. 

Well for once, your consultation should be absolutely free! Why? Simple – unlike getting your eyebrows done, nails, facials or any other beauty treatments if the clinician doesn’t see you before hand and assess that you are a ‘good’ candidate you may end up spending a few thousand and find yourself looking down at rolls of fat thinking you can’t even see or feel the difference! The treatment is expensive and it is a commitment to your body. 

Think of this as a second (or third, or fourth, you get the idea) chance to get rid of that annoying stubborn fat. This point is directed more towards non surgical treatments as I will strongly advise you not to keep doing liposuction. The skin will become loose and cellulite can look worse, plus this is not a natural procedure and your body can have a bad reaction, sagging skin, lumps, scarring, etc. If you are someone who ‘fluctuates’ in weight – I would advise you to opt for a non surgical treatment to keep an eye on your body composition.


Are you a good candidate?

Let’s start with the basics. All professionals should be able to assess whether you are a ‘good candidate for the treatment’. Usually for Non Surgical Treatments the best patients are not more than 20 pounds above their goal weight. Liposuction can affect bigger areas, but treatment is also advised for those struggling to shift stubborn fat not obese and severely overweight. The reason for this is simple – the treatments can penetrate certain depth only, which means if you are overweight you can still damage fat cells but results will be a lot less visible and you may need a lot of treatments to notice any effects. If the clinician does not first assess your body and problem areas and discuss results as well as talk enquire about your lifestyle habits please thank them for their time and walk out. They are more interested in money than making their patients happy!


What are the risks?

The clinician should also explain any potential risks. These are a lot more severe with Liposuction (read my other blog) than with Non Surgical Treatments however if your clinician does not mention the basics as well as warning that the remaining fat cells can expand, please also again thank them for their time and get out.


  • Do your basic research on treatments and cost
  • Make sure your consultation is not charged
  • Has your clinician assessed your problem areas or just ‘sold’ you the treatment?
  • Has your clinician mentioned the results and risks?
  • Do you feel comfortable and confident after your consultation?