How to cut chemicals and products from your beauty routine? Secrets from my own skin routine.


If you suffer from acne, blemishes or uneven skin there are a number of completely natural products you can try. As someone who has had problem skin, I have tried various beauty 'hacks' and oils and treatments. Some work better than others, so please experiment with caution. Here is my routine.


I have super sensitive skin and believe in all natural products. I think face creams, cleansers and moisturisers add a lot of ingredients that irritate skin. Where possible I have experimented with a natural skin care routine that works well. Occasionally I do face treatments and masks but usually this is what I stick to for fresh look, glowing and clear skin.


My Beauty Routine


I cleanse my skin with Apple Cider Vinegar (Mother) and water. I dilute to 50/50 ratio and use a cotton pad to cleanse. I do this once or sometimes twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed.


I then use Rosehip Oil and massage into my skin. This is my normal routine, I try not to wear foundation or powder daily. You can get this on Amazon. You can also use Argan Oil or Coconut Oil, I mix and match occasionally. Apply couple of drops and massage upwards to make sure you are not stretching your skin.

Face Treatment

I love experimenting with facials, natural scrubs and new treatments. I have started with Dermabrasion, Diamond Scrubs, have tried various skin care brands over the years and have a few favourites. Dermabrasion results were great and worked for a while, you need to make sure you do the full course of 4-6 treatments and follow instructions with moisturising and no make up a couple of days after. The only thing was inconvenience. It is a 6 week commitment and I usually would do this on a Saturday, which means no dressing up for evening or Sunday for me. I still had light scars from acne, so this treatment has not fixed the issue, but did make my skin smooth and glowing for the few months that followed.

I have also experimented with our BTL Exilis Face to 'define' my jaw line and my face is now less round as BTL Exilis actually burns the fat in various areas and I distinctly remember Doctor Lana Tattum (yes, my mother) exclaiming that I have a "double chin". I have done the treatment only once and seems like that is all I needed. My face shape is still defined a year later. This also works well for light wrinkles, if you want to delay botox or looking for alternatives - I recommend you try this skin tightening treatment.

I am currently experimenting with Dr Shrammek's green peel energy scrub to get rid of mild scarring. It works as a natural alternative to a chemical peel and is a lot milder for the skin. I hope this works and I don't need to go through laser treatment. Stay tuned, I have another week to go of face peeling and redness. Not sure what the final outcome will be like, has anyone tried this?


For spots, acne, breakouts

I have tried a few things and some work a lot faster than others. One of my biggest secrets and one I absolutely swear by is raw garlic. Warning if you are brave enough to try - test a small patch first as a lot of people report burns post this. If you want to try - cut a garlic clove in half and rub on the spot, or acne area. I leave mine overnight and first 15 minutes are hell. The skin burns and feels irritated. However in the morning, I wake up with spots dried out and my skin glowing. Worth it every single time for me. I have also tried toothpaste, aloe vera, tomatoes, lemon juice and this is still my favourite.

I will usually wash my face with water in the morning, following up with Rosehip Oil again. 


FOR Glowing skin

Another one of my favourite quick fixes for glowing skin is egg whites and lemon juice face mask. I mix 1 egg white and a spoon of lemon juice, keep it on my face for 15 minutes. I take it off and then apply Rosehip Oil for glowing, refreshed look. Works wonders for me and it is all natural.


Hope you found some of these useful. Let me know if you try. Would love to hear if this also works for you and if you ditch expensive cleansers and milks for my DIY skin care.