10 Tips - How to get to little Black Dress Fast


Drink all the water 

drink water

Seriously, grab a bottle of water. Because when you think you feel peckish throughout the day you're probably just thirsty, and gulping down water will let you resist the inner alarm call of "cake o'clock". There's also the fact that drinking water actually reduces water retention in your body. All the time on the loo will be totally worth it.  


Watch the gassy food

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beans – they're all great stuff. Except in the run up to the little black dress, when these lovely healthy vegetables become your deadly enemies. That's because they can cause gas and bloating – two words that have no business even existing in the same reality as a little black dress. 


Kick out the carbs 

Anyone who's ever done a low-carb diet will know you get that first, magical few weeks when the pounds just drop off, before you hit a frustrating plateau and realise it was just water weight and the real struggle is only just beginning. Well, luckily you don't care about the plateau right now – that initial weight loss is all you need for LBD-squeezing purposes. So bin the bread and pass on the pasta. 


Pass on the salt 

Not wanting to obsess about water weight or anything, but seriously: you need to obsess about water weight if you want to get svelte before party night. Too much salt in the diet can increase water retention and cause temporary weight gain, so watch how much you sprinkle on those chips (not that you're having chips, OF COURSE).


Go temporarily teetotal

Alcoholic drinks smuggle calories into you without you even thinking about it. So basically stop it immediately. If you start to weaken come dinner time, just think of that nice Sauvignon Blanc as a doughnut in a wine glass. Also, just tell yourself how you'll make up for it with all the drinks on the actual night of the party. While you're rocking that dress.


healthy foods

Keep food simple

The best way to stick to a short-term, low-carb diet is to keep things simple. Tell your inner foodie to have a nap, ignore your cookbooks and just eat basic dishes of lean meat, non-starchy vegetables, simply dressed salads, and the like. Make it a routine, embrace the boringness, and you'll sleepwalk right through the whole thing. (Probably.)


Eat slower

Wolfing down food means you carry on eating way after you're not actually hungry. This is because the messages from your stuffed stomach take an annoyingly long time to get to your brain, which is why having another helping of that creamy potato gratin always seems like a really, really great idea. You can prevent the gorging by remembering to eat slowly, so your body has a chance to tell you to put that fork down.


Hit the spa

To wring every last drop of excess moisture from your body (yes, we're on the water retention thing again), relax in a sauna on the morning before you slip into the dress. Or you could try an inch-loss body wrap, where the spa specialist will use various gels, clays and thermal sheets to cause temporary weight loss. Like actual magic.


Give up gluten  

We've already made the point about low-carbing for the win. But if you really can't face giving up potatoes, rice and all that lovely stodge, at least try to quit the wheat and gluten for a bit. There have been studies showing people losing up to 5 pounds in a single week just by quitting gluten, and we love those kinds of studies.


Slip into something less comfortable 

And let's not forget body-shaping undies. True, there's not much that's particularly dignified about Spanx (including the name), but they certainly know how to make various bodily bits behave themselves – whether you go for specific thigh-shapers or all over bodysuits.


 Job done.

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