New Year’s Resolution: Build a Hot Body - Part 2


92% of those that make New Year’s Resolutions fail. That is around 1/10 people who actually succeed and follow through. 



The data shows that by March, majority of people revert to their old ways, is it lack of motivation, lack of seeing results or lack of support? The most important thing is having the right mindset and diet follows close in the 2nd place. You need to be aware about the other factors too and as a treat we show you some extra ‘tools’ to ensure you see results, you are motivated and successful. Let’s do this!



Most of us talk about losing weight, but what we actually mean is losing fat. Let’s be honest, we all want to look good naked, be healthy and feel our best. If you are cutting a lot of calories, but not training, you may find that you don’t get the ‘look’ you want of toned legs, tight stomach and a round butt. If you are a cardio bunny and only concentrate on calories in vs calories out concept, you will lose weight but not necessarily build muscle or that fitness physique you see on Instagram.

So what do we recommend? Weight Lifting, strength training and HIIT workouts  between 3-5 times a week with at least 3 weight training sessions and 2 HIIT sessions. These help ensure you do not lose muscle as you lose fat and will help you build muscle -this is the ‘toned’ physique look you are going for.  If you are new to all of this – best money you can spend is getting a trainer for 8-12 weeks to learn how to squat, dead lift, bench press and pull up. Having a professional to guide you will save you time and money in the future. It is an investment. 

Cardio can also be useful if you are looking to shift weight fast, but if the idea of being in the gym on treadmills sounds like a death sentence. Try an activity you will enjoy like pole dancing, salsa, bachata or rock climbing. 

You are more likely to give up on your journey if it is boring. Have a bit of fun, find a work-out buddy or drag your date?


Hormones, Sleep and Stress

This is probably one that most people forget. We put this separate from mindset because sometimes you can’t control these factors but we need you to understand and appreciate the importance of managing these to ensure you meet your health goals.

Some of our clients struggle to lose weight because of hormonal imbalance. Women tend to suffer from this more with the time of the month ‘excitement’. Expect bloatedness, extra water retention and chocolate cravings around this time, our best advice is just accept and love yourself a little extra during these difficult times. There are some things you can do naturally to support your system – apple cider vinegar to help with bloatedness. Bath salts to help with cramps and stress and treat yourself to chocolate, the darker and more raw, the healthier.

Now sleep is also crucial, during sleep our muscles are recovering, you might have heard that you ‘gain’ while you sleep? We see a lot of corporate clients who struggle with adding sleep into equation even if they are able to do 3-4 training sessions. Some ask whether they should push themselves when they are exhausted. We advise to balance and prioritise, if you slept 3-4 hours, you are exhausted, so waking up at 5 am is not a good idea. Those that work late nights, going after 10-14 hour days also can feel like you are dragging your feet. Now your next question is how to actually fit training in and sleep and diet?

We have an option, but it does require the mindset to be in the right place and advise on diet and training. Our answer to all of you corporate workaholics is home training, tabata, HIIT, free weights and outdoor sprints. Get a trainer, an online workout program, get equipment and spend 20mins a day working hard. If you feel you need motivation or someone to keep you accountable there are a few options such as a Life Coach, Health Coach, Nutritionist or a Personal Trainer. 

It is definitely not easy to keep fit but it does become habitual after a few months. You begin to feel strange when you don’t log on Fitness Pal and you don’t have as many calories when you are not depriving yourself of tasty food, making sure you look after your body so no starving. Find things you like doing and fitness will become a lifestyle. 

In our next article we will share our tool box of extras to help those stubborn pounds fall off and tell you why our clients love our BTL Aesthetics that celebs endorse as well as a few beauty hacks to make you feel and look sexy.