What makes a face beautiful?

Is it the eyes or the mouth, a certain shape of nose or the smile? Actually the simple fact is - it is symmetry of the position of your facial features. The interesting fact is none of us have a symmetrical face, but some of the most beautiful women have over 90% symmetry of facial features like Amber Heard and Kate Moss. 

Our genetics and age play a big part in determining the ‘beauty or the symmetry of the face. As we age skin loses it’s elasticity and collagen regeneration is slowed, wrinkles appear. Botox and fillers have been used to tighten the skin, reshape the face and encourage natural production of collagen. Dr Tattum has a worked with most talented ‘artists’ to learn techniques to improve symmetry and tighten skin, smoothing wrinkles.



If you are new to this procedure, a free consultation is encouraged to discuss what areas you will need treat and what results you can expect.

The price will start from £250 per vial, which could be used for multiple areas, depending on your facial structure, deepness of wrinkles and results you are expecting.



Every persons skin is different and genetics play a big part in how long the treatments last. For majority of people 3 - 6 months is the usual time frame. For some results can last up to 12 months.



Most treatments will be done within an hour, unless you have multiple areas - which we can discuss in consultation. For newbies to botox and fillers -  needles are used to inject skin, so expect a slight pinch for a short period. Results will be visible as soon as the procedure is done, with a few weeks required for natural collagen to complete the look. Expect slight bruising on the lips with fillers, however with new techniques the effect is minimal and will disappear after a few days.